I'm probably one of the few coaches in the world with my own Wikipedia page

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Go to my Wikipedia article and you can read about two of my coaching ventures:  The College Wizard (through which I help students achieve near-perfect SAT scores while coaching them to gain admission to places like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc.) and Your Personal Action Plan, a program for guiding first-time entrepreneurs to successful businesses built on a shoestring budget.

Both coaching endeavors are featured in this article in Entrepreneur Magazine.

I have also been a successful ($150 per hour) street musician, as well as an internet millionaire, as told in the NYT best selling book, Get Rich Click.

I have been an award-winning wedding photographer.

I am also a published songwriter and professional standup comedian.

The story of Manger-Weil orphanage, the project my family and I funded in Ethiopia, is told in my daughter Samara's documentary film Manhattan to Mekele shown at the Woodstock Film Festival.

I encourage you to read my reviews to get an idea of how effectively I have been able to translate my own successes into those in my clients' lives, and how I might be able to do the same for you.

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